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Welcome to BVI Doctor

Your Medical Clinic in the British Virgin Islands

General Doctor

Professional quick response healthcare centre in the BVI.

Specialist Doctors

From gynecologists, pediatrics, dermatologists to dentists and eye doctors.


Do you already have your gynecologist in the BVI? Obstetrics specialist?

Child Care

Top pediatric care for your child including everyday health issues, Caribbean specific conditiond and vaccination.

Dental Care

Your teeth matter- dental care measures and emergency services at affordable rates.

Eye Care

Specialist doctor with modern equipment.


Fully stocked pharmacy with over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Your BVI Doctor!

  • Choose one of the two Tortola locations
  • Specialist doctors
  • Affordable services
  • Open daily from 7am

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BVI Doctor

BVI Doctor is a professional quick response health care centre, your all in one Doctor in the BVI. Affordable services range from general and specialist doctors, through dental care and eye care, to the modern laboratory. Our doctors have been providing their services for over 20 years.

General and Specialist Doctor

Our doctor’s specialization includes general doctor care and specialists, such as obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and child doctor, dermatologist, hotel and company care, minor operations and much more…

Dental Care

Although there are multiple dentist doctors in the BVI, we still believe that choosing VI Doctor dental care is the best pick. With our affordable dental care, you will get top value for your money. Also, it is important for us that you don’t wait for your doctor treatment. Given flexible service, we will schedule you for the first available time. Emergency situations are treated with a priority, we recommend calling us in advance (or on the way) to limit waiting time to a minimum.

Family and Child Doctor


At BVI Doctor, your children are important. We understand that you don’t want to wait for your doctor, that is why we have a streamlined process that eliminates excessive waiting. Usually, the waiting time is less then 10 minutes. During this time, our nurses take your information and perform elementary medical procedures, such as weight and temperature checks. When you come to see your doctor, you can expect real customer service, similar to one you might experience outside the BVI. Our pharmacy is only a couple of steps away from the doctor room to ensure that you will receive the medication in a speedy manner. Many child patients enjoy our fully stocked pharmacy, allowing us to serve children friendly flavors, making it easy for you to serve the medications.

Eye Care Doctor BVI

Our eye care is performed by a specialist doctor, allowing for the level of service you deserve. Short waiting times, high level of customer service treatment and modern equipment is what makes us the preferable choice.

Pharmacy and Drug Store

You can expect a fully stocked and competent pharmacy, where you can find a wide range of over-the-counter medicines, doctor prescription drugs, diabetic supplies and hypertensive supplies. A special order service is also available.


BVI Doctor’s modernised medical laboratory can provide same day results, boosting the response time and remedy, potentially eliminating dangers connected to late response. Note that not all BVI doctors have a same day laboratory.

X-Ray and digital imaging

Our doctors use modern medical imaging tools. Digital X-Rays allow for more detailed and accurate results. Note that digital X-Ray is not standard in the BVI. For technically more demanding procedures, our doctors use  3D and 4D sonograms.


If your child has been born in the BVI, our doctors will propose and carry out a complete vaccination plan. In the case you are from another country and doctors in your country already started the vaccination procedures, our doctors will either continue with the current vaccination programme, find alternative, or discuss with your home doctor the possibilities of the vaccination programme. Also, in the situation you request vaccination for BVI specific diseases, our doctors can provide advice and carry out the process.

Insurance processing

Our doctors will treat you regardless of your insurance status. Even without insurance, you can pay cash or with a credit card. In case you have medical insurance, your doctor visit will be billed in part or in whole to your insurance company.

On-Call Services and Home Doctor/Care

In case you are immobilized or request home care services (or request a doctor to come to your yacht, for example), you are welcome to call and arrange we are ready to meet your demands.